Government of India has launched a new online Consular Grievances Management System portal, MADAD. In case you have any complaints with respect to the following services offered by Indian Missions abroad, you may log on to MADAD (

  1. Grievances regarding Compensation,
  2. Court Case,
  3. Domestic Help,
  4. Imprisoned Abroad,
  5. Transportation of Mortal Remains,
  6. Repatriation,
  7. Salary Dues,
  8. Tracing the Whereabouts,
  9. Marital Disputes,
  10. Birth Certificate,
  11. No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) Certificate,
  12. Asylum-Cases,
  13. Worker Abuse,
  14. Recruiting Agent,
  15. Contract Problems and Sponsor Problems
  16. visa and passport, emergency travel documents, attestation of documents etc.