Attestation of Documents and Power of Attorney:

Any affidavit, declaration or Power of Attorney to be used in India may be attested in the Embassy.For attestation you need to submit the following:

  • original documents to be attested
  • photocopies of the same documents
  • one photograph of the executant
  • your valid passport and copies of it
  • your residence permit and copies of it
  • receipt of the payment of the consular fee (as a print-out)

In the case of Powers of Attorney, you also need to bring a photograph of the Executant(s). If you cannot come to the Embassy personally, you must first get your documents notarised by a Notary Public, then send them to the Embassy by post along with the required fee and a self-addressed, stamped registered envelope. The same Notary Public should also attest the executant’s photograph. Please remember that we accept documents only when notarised by a Notary Public and not by a Solicitor.

If you need your passport copies to be attested, please arrange the photocopy so that both the first two pages and the last two pages are on the same side of one A4-sheet, with enough room for the Embassy stamps at the bottom of the page. The consular fee is charged for each separate sheet.

With Finnish public documents (such as extracts from the trade register or the population register), please note that an apostille obtained from the local Register Office (‘maistraatti’) is sufficient to make the document authentic in India. Consequently, you do not need the Embassy’s attestation on documents already apostilled by Finnish authorities:

India and Finland are signatories to the Hague Apostille Convention, the purpose of which is to reduce the two-stage authentication of public documents to one single stage. If a public document is apostilled by the country of origin, it does not require re-authentication by the authorities of the country in whose territory it has to be produced.

The fee for attestations must be paid beforehand via bank transfer, and a receipt of the payment must be submitted with the documents.
Embassy bank details:
Recipient: Embassy of India
Account number: FI96 2066 1800 0174 23
Message: full name of the applicant and the service applied for