Frequently Asked Questions

On the application process

1. How often can I apply for an Indian visa?
Finnish and Estonian nationals can apply for a new visa as soon as or even before the old visa expires. The two-month gap previously required between two consecutive visits to India is no longer applicable. e-Tourist Visa is an exception: it can only be applied for twice in one calendar year.

Please note that certain nationalities still require a re-entry permit if it has been less than two months since the previous visit to India.

2. I didn’t know I need a visa to India and my flight is soon. Do I have time to get a visa?
Applicants who are Finnish or Estonian by birth may apply for express handling for an additional charge. Express handling can be applied when the application is otherwise approved. It usually takes one and a half working days.

3. Do children need a visa to India?
Yes. Every person travelling to India needs their own passport and visa. Minors travelling without their parents or with only one parent need to produce a written permission from their parents in English.

4. I want to travel to a restricted area. How can I get the permit?
Indian Embassy can issue a Restricted Area Permit for a maximum of 14 days and there is a separate fee charged for the permit. For the Andaman Islands and other nature resorts, it is usually possible to obtain the permit in India, where it can be issued for a longer period and for a lower fee.

5. What are the opening hours of the Embassy?
Applications can be submitted Monday—Friday in the morning at 9–12. Ready visas can be collected in the afternoon at 15–16:30 on the day given by the Embassy. You do not have to make an appointment. The Embassy is closed for certain Indian and Finnish holidays. Please see our List of Holidays for more information.

On the Indian visa pages

6. The Indian visa pages do not work/keep crashing. Can I fill the form at the Embassy?
Indian visa can only be applied for with the online form. If the visa pages do not work properly, please wait a few hours and try again.

7. The Indian visa form lost all the data I entered/does not accept the data I am trying to enter. Do I have to fill in a new application?

  • If the visa form does not accept the dates you are trying to enter: enter incorrect dates instead and give the correction on a post-it note on the printed form.
  • Always use slashed instead of dots in dates: 19/11/2015
  • Google Chrome or Apple devices do not always function properly with the form. Please try another browser/device.
  • If you cannot print the form immediately after completing it, make sure to save it on your computer for later printing. If this is not possible, you can re-print a completed form on the same page where the link to the application can be found. You will need the FINH code, passport number and date of birth. Sometimes the only option is to start over. Unfinished applications in the system are not a problem: they will be automatically destroyed after some time.

On visa fees

8. Can I pay the visa fee at the Embassy?
Visa fees cannot be paid at the Embassy: all payments must be made as bank transfer. A printed receipt of the payment must be produced. Tourist and business visas must be paid in advance, and in all other visa types payment is required before the actual processing can begin.

9. I have paid the visa fee twice/I have paid the visa fee but my trip was cancelled/my application was rejected. Can I get a refund?
Visa fees once paid are not refunded.