Visa Forms

Applying for a visa at the Indian Embassy

The visa application is filled in online, printed and signed. Go through the link and hit Regular Visa Application in the orange box on the left.

Online application form

Electronic visa

The e-Visa application is filled in online. A scanned copy of the passport and a digital photo must be uploaded in the form. The visa fee is paid with a credit or debit card. Go through the link and hit e-Visa Application in the orange box on the left.

Online application form

Additional forms for special visas

To apply for a journalist visa or a research visa, one of the following forms must also be filled in:

Journalist visa

Research visa

Restricted Area Permit

Certain regions in India require a special permit in addition to the visa (e.g. Sikkim and the Andaman Islands). Indian Embassy can issue this permit for a maximum of 14 days. The application form for the permit can be downloaded from the Embassy website, and there is a separate fee charged for the permit. For the Andaman Islands and other nature resorts, it is usually possible to obtain the permit in India, where it can be issued for a longer period and for a lower fee.

Restricted Area Permit

Instructions on filling in the Regular Visa Application form

Answer every question carefully. The information entered on the first page (country and mission where you submit the application, nationality, date of birth, e-mail id, expected date of journey, visa type) cannot be changed later!

General issues:

  • use slashes instead of dots in dates: 15/03/1970
  • replace non-English letters like so: ä=a, ö=o, å=a
  • use space instead of hyphen: Tom-Erik > Tom Erik
  • Apple devices may not work well with the form
  • if you have technical problems with filling in the form, try a different browser
  • if you have been in India before but do not remember the visa number, enter ‘0000’ as the visa number and estimate the date of issue

Instructions for each page

First page

  • You are first asked the country you are applying from. Here you must choose ‘FINLAND’! If you choose another country, the application cannot be processed in the embassy in Helsinki.
  • Date of arrival is an estimate. It tells the embassy when approximately you would like to travel.

Second page

  • You are given a temporary application ID. Be sure to note it down.
  • Write your family name in the first field and all given names in the second field.

Third page

  • Here you are asked for your address details and the details of your parents. If you do not know your parents’ town of birth, you can enter the country of birth instead.
  • Compulsory military service is not regarded as working for a military organisation (last question).

Fourth page

  • If you have been in India before but do not remember the visa number, you can enter ‘0000’ as the number and estimate the date of issue.
  • SAARC countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • References in India and Finland: If you are going to India to visit family or friends, write their name and contact details. If you are staying at a hotel, give the name and contact details of the hotel. If you have not yet booked accommodation, give the details of a hotel you might stay at. For the reference in Finland, you can give the details of a family member or a friend. If you live in Estonia, give the details of family or friends in Estonia.

Fifth page

  • Here you can upload a digital photo. Please note that currently a paper photo is always required anyway, so you can already skip this by hitting ‘Skip and Continue’.

Sixth page

  • Here you will see all the details you have entered. Check them to make sure there are no mistakes, modify the data if needed and lastly, hit ‘Verified and Continue’.

Seventh page

  • You are given the proper application ID (FINH + eight digits). Be sure to note it down!
  • Hit ‘Print Form’ to open the finished application as a PDF file. Save the file on your computer in a folder you can easily access. Print the form immediately or later, one-sided or two-sided. Please note that the form cannot be printed at the Embassy.