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Foreign nationals travelling to India are required to carry a valid visa. A visa is a travelling permit granted by an Indian mission, and it allows the holder to visit India. The visa type is determined by the purpose of travel. Even if a visa application is accepted for processing at the Indian embassy, it does not automatically follow that a visa will be granted. Visa fee is not refunded even if the visa is denied.

The visa’s validity will begin on the day of issue, not on the day of travel.

General document requirements:

  • visa application form filled in online, printed and signed;
  • passport with at least six months’ validity at the time of travel and at least two blank pages (please note that visa can only be issued until the passport’s date of expiry)
  • one recent colour photo pasted on the application form (size 5 x 5 cm, white background, front view);
  • other than Finnish/Estonian nationals: a copy of a valid residence permit or some other document to prove how long the applicant has lived in Finland/Estonia;
  • minors: a free-form, written permission from parents (in English).

In addition to these, the Embassy may request other supporting documents if necessary, and the applicant must provide these in the form determined by the Embassy.

Other requirements per visa type:

  • tourist visa (up to 12 months)
    • printed receipt of the payment of the visa fee
    • return ticket or ticket out of India
    • NB! Continuous stay should not exceed 90 days.
  • ttourist visa (more than 1 year, up to 5 years)
    • return ticket or ticket out of India
    • personal interview
    • biometrics given at the Embassy
    • other documents at the Embassy’s discretion
    • NB! Continuous stay should not exceed 90 days.
    • Do not pay the visa fee beforehand!
  • business visa (up to 12 months)
    • printed receipt of the payment of the visa fee (when duration applied is 12 months or less)
    • guarantee letter from the sending company (the letter must mention the requested visa duration and indicate who will be financially responsible for the applicant)
    • personal invitation from the receiving company (both letters are required even when the two companies belong to the same corporation)
    • NB! Continuous stay should not exceed 180 days.
  • business visa (more than 1 year, up to 5 years)
    • guarantee letter and personal invitation
    • personal interview
    • biometrics given at the Embassy
    • other documents at the Embassy’s discretion
    • NB! Continuous stay should not exceed 180 days.
    • Do not pay the visa fee beforehand!
  • employment visa
    • employment contract
    • personal invitation from the Indian employer
    • Do not pay the visa fee beforehand!
  • conference visa
    • personal invitation from India
    • no objection letters issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to the conference organisers
    • conference programme
    • Do not pay the visa fee beforehand!
  • student visa
    • acceptance letter from the Indian school
    • letter from the Finnish/Estonian school (for exchange students)
    • Do not pay the visa fee beforehand!
  • other visas
    • please contact the Embassy for document requirements of other visa types
    • Do not pay the visa fee beforehand!

Please note! The applications and supporting documents are not returned to the applicant. Keep originals and provide the Embassy with copies.

Visa validity

The validity and number of entries are determined by the Embassy. For Finnish and Estonian nationals, a visa is typically granted for one year, but it may be shorter. More than one year’s validity may be applied, in which case the visa fee is not to be paid in advance. Special requirements have been set for long-term visas (more than 12 months). Please contact the Visa Section of the Embassy for more information.

Photo requirements

The photo must be a recent colour photo, 5 x 5 cm and with white background. The height of the face should be about half of the height of the photo. Self-printed photos can only be used if they are sharp enough. More detailed photo requirements here.

Restricted Area Permit

Certain regions in India require a special permit in addition to the visa (e.g. Sikkim and the Andaman Islands). Indian Embassy can grant this permit for a maximum of 14 days. The application form for the permit can be downloaded from the Embassy website, and there is a separate fee charged for the permit. For the Andaman Islands and other nature resorts, it is usually possible to obtain the permit in India, where it can be issued for a longer period and for a lower fee.

Stop-over in India

If you are travelling to another country via India, you can apply for a transit visa. Transit visa can be issued for a maximum period of 15 days, and it allows up to 72 hours of continuous stay in India. When applying for a transit visa, a copy of flight tickets must be attached to the application. If the return flight also goes via India, transit visa may not be enough and a regular tourist visa must be applied for instead.

Visa fee

Use bank transfer to pay the visa fee. A receipt of the payment must be attached to the application. The receipt must show the recipient account number, amount paid, date of payment, archive ID and all the data entered in the message field.

Embassy bank details:
Recipient: Embassy of India
Account number: FI96 2066 1800 0174 23
Message: applicant’s full name, type of visa and application ID (FINH + eight digits)

The payment is not refunded even when an application is rejected. Grant or refusal of visa is at the sole discretion of the Embassy.

Biometric data

Biometric data (fingerprints and an extra photo) are collected from all 12–70-year- old foreign nationals travelling to India.

Processing time

The processing will begin after the applicant has submitted all required documents to the Embassy. A visa can be applied 8 weeks before the trip at the earliest, and it is advisable to apply no later than 4 weeks in advance. Processing time may differ from what is stated here.

  • Finnish and Estonian nationals: 3–4 working days (applications submitted at the counter), 3–4 weeks (applications submitted by post)
  • others: at least one week
  • express handling: Applicants who are Finnish or Estonian by birth may apply for express handling if the application is otherwise accepted. A clarification letter explaining the need for express handling must be attached to the application and a separate fee is charged for the service. Express handling takes one and a half working days.

Electronic Visa

For short trips it is possible to apply for an electronic visa. The application form is filled in online, and a photo as well as a scanned copy of the passport personal data page is uploaded in the form. e-Visa is even paid online with a credit or debit card. The form must be filled and the payment made at least 4 days before the expected date of journey. e-Visa applications are processed in India, and the applicant receives the decision via e-mail. e-Visa can be applied only twice in one calendar year.

For more information on e-Visa, including eligibility and requirements: