PIO Card

It has been decided by the Government of India that fees to be charged for OCI card in lieu of valid PIO Card will be Rs. 5,500/- or US $100 effective for all such applications which have been filled after 31.12.2017.  In Euros the fees is Euro 98.  For all applications that were submitted by the applicants online till 31.12.2017, the OCI Card in lieu of valid PIO Card will be on gratis basis (no fee).   

With effect from 9 January 2015, the PIO card scheme is no longer in existence. All valid PIO cards must be converted to OCI by 31 December 2017. Conversion is free of charge. Remember to choose the correct registration form!

Foreign nationals can now apply for an OCI on the basis of marriage to an Indian/Indian origin national after two years of marriage. Please see OCI Card for more information.

PIO cardholders are deemed to be OCI cardholders. The conversion process does not require any extra scrutiny or additional documentation except for the requirement of copies of the foreign passport and the existing PIO card. In other words, PIO card to OCI card conversion does not entail the same procedure as followed in issuance of a fresh OCI card to those who never held a PIO card.