Consular Services

Consular Services

Applications for consular services can be submitted from 0900 hours to 1200 hours on all working days. All applicants for consular services are required to submit their passport. Please also bring good quality copies of your passport: the first two pages (passport details), last two pages (parents/spouse names and address information) and any endorsements (= later additions).

Applications can also be sent by registered post but must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed registered envelope (check the fee for registered letter from Posti). Fees for consular services are accepted only through bank transfer. Unless otherwise instructed, the fee must be paid beforehand and a receipt of the payment must be attached to the application. Please see the Embassy bank details below. Application forms can either be downloaded from our website or obtained from the counter. Forms can also be obtained through post by enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please note that some application forms only exist online and must be filled out online (eg. passport and OCI). A table of fees can be found in Consular Fees.

Notice! We cannot make photocopies of applicants’ documents. You must provide all copies yourself.

Embassy bank details:
Recipient: Embassy of India
Account number: FI96 2066 1800 0174 23
Message: full name of the applicant and the service applied for

Registration of children eligible for Indian nationality

For a child born in Finland to be registered as an Indian citizen the application must be made within three months of the child’s birth on the prescribed form. At least one of the child’s parents must be an Indian citizen at the time of applying. Along with the application please enclose the passports of both parents and a full-version birth certificate of the child. Photocopies of the birth certificate and of the first four and last two pages of the parents’ passports are also required. You also need to submit an affidavit stating that your child has not acquired Finnish citizenship and also that both the parents give their consent for issue of an Indian passport to the child.

Police clearance certificates (PCC)

You can apply for a Police Clearance Certificate on the prescribed form. You are also required to submit your passport and a photocopy of the first four and last two pages of your passport.

Life Certificates for Pensioners

To obtain a Life Certificate from the Embassy, the personal appearance of the applicant is usually necessary at the Embassy. The applicant needs to bring his/her passport to establish identity. This service is gratis for pensioners only. The Government of India has also provided a new facility, the Jeevan Pramaan Scheme, for obtaining a Digital Life Certificate without needing to visit the Embassy. The Digital Life Certificate is issued on the basis of Aadhar number and requires biometric authentication. For more information about the Jeevan Pramaan Scheme, click here.

Ashes/human remains certificates

The Embassy issues a certificate to enable the transport of human ashes to India. To obtain this certificate you are required to submit the deceased’s death certificate, cremation certificate and a certificate from the undertaker confirming that the urn contains ashes of the deceased person. Photocopies of these documents are also required.

Consular Fee

The requisite consular fee for each service must be deposited to the Embassy’s bank account. We no longer accept cash payments.